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Our Contacts

Jan Low

SASHA Project Manager & leader of governance and CoP coordination


Wolfgang Gruneberg

Leads sweetpotato breeding at CIP headquarters in Peru & method development


Maria Andrade

Leads  Sweetpotato Support Platform in Southern Africa (Mozambique)


Robert Mwanga

Leads Sweetpotato Support Platform in Eastern and Central Africa (Uganda)


Ted Carey

Leads  Sweetpotato Support Platform in West  Africa (Ghana)


Marc Ghislain

Leads Weevil Resistance research


Margaret McEwan

Leads Seed Systems Research and Seed Systems and Crop Management CoP


Tawanda Muzhingi

Leads Food Science research


Julius Okello

Leads Monitoring, Learning & Evaluation CoP and annual SPHI Update Reporting


Jan Krueze

Leads Virology and Diagnostic Tools Research


Luka Wanjohi

Leads Knowledge and Data Management for all research components


Bernice Jane Wairimu

Program Specialist


Faith Njung’e

Communications and Knowledge Management Officer


Emily Ndoho

Finance Officer


Debbie Rees (NRI)

Coordinates Storage and Post-Harvest  Handling Research