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Our Objectives

The objectives of this project were to achieve the goals of food security and self-sufficiency for foodstuffs in Swaziland. To accomplish this, the project assisted farmers to launch farmers’ associations and to establish a marketing strategy that could be transferred to farmers, thereby ensuring that the operations of the project remain sustainable.

The specific objectives are:

  1. Promote cultivation of sweet potato over a total over 360 hectares, achieving an average yield of 8 tons per hectare and a total yield of 2,880 tons.
  2. Establish sweet potato nursery beds in four regions over a total of 20 hectares; organize 12 agricultural workshops to train at least 720 farmers in planting sweet potato.
  3. Establish a sweet potato marketing system in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Swaziland. 
  4. Hold one agricultural machinery training program every year and provide machinery maintenance services; accelerate the mechanization of agriculture by engaging in capacity building activities.