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Our Objectives

SUSTAIN is a 5-year programme (2013-2018) which works to enhance nutrition and food security of women and young children in East and Southern Africa, through integrated agriculture and nutrition interventions utilizing OFSP. The programme has set out to reach at least 1.2 million farming households with children under 5 years of age with OFSP planting material and nutrition education by 2018. This will be achieved by using an integrated approach that appreciates the critical role that good nutrition plays in assuring the full physical and mental development of children. The program approach has emphasized that farmers be enabled to retain OFSP as part of their mixed farming systems and in their diets after direct programme support has phased out, by producing OFSP at least twice a year and consuming OFSP at least twice per week when it is in season. The program has also aimed to develop effective inroads into urban markets in collaboration with fresh root traders and commercial food processors. The program’s aim has been to reach at least 400,000 consumers with a commercially traded product that uses OFSP as a major ingredient. To gain a better understanding of the effectiveness and efficiency of our delivery approach, SUSTAIN is working through Michigan State University to undertake a 4-year rigorous evaluation of selected program interventions using a Randomized Control Trial in Rwanda and qualitative methodologies in all countries.