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Biofortification in Regional Agriculture and Nutrition Policies

FARA is organizing a side event entitled ‘Embracing biofortification in national and regional agriculture and nutrition policies and strategies, during the Commemoration of 7th African Day for Food and Nutrition Security (ADNFS). This side event falls within the Sub-theme 4 of the ADNFS i.e. harnessing partnerships for improved child nutrition …

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RAC Media Event Report- Tanzania

This article reports on Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) in Tanzania, and the media event conducted to orient staff from different media houses, as to be familiar with basic promotional information and materials on the RAC Project, and orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) for use for awareness creation Nature of the event …

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Adapting agriculture to climate change: collecting, protecting and preparing crop wild relatives

What is the Global Crop Diversity Trust? Public-private partnership raising an endowment fund that will provide continuous funding for key crop diversity collections (starting with international collections maintained by CGIAR Centres) Goal: “to advance an efficient and sustainable global system of ex situ conservation by promoting the rescue, understanding, use …

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Taking successful development interventions to scale is critical if the world is to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and make essential gains in the fight for improved agricultural productivity, rural incomes, and nutrition. How to support scaling up in agriculture, rural development, and nutrition, however, is a major challenge. …

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Farmers’ Perception of and Coping Strategies to Climate Change: Evidence From Six Agro-Ecological Zones of Uganda

In Uganda, weather-related events such as prolonged dry seasons, floods, storms, mudslides, extreme rainfall, and delayed/early rains have become more frequent and/or intense. This has left most of the rural poor farmers’ food insecure and their livelihoods threatened. A total of 192 sweetpotato farmer households distributed in six agro-ecological zones …

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