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Army Worms: A threat to Food Security in Rwanda

Written by Donata Kizza and Aime E. Ndayisenga  In early 2017, army worms were reported to have invaded Rwanda destroying maize, sweetpotato, among other crops. This was the first time the country had experienced an army worm attack which caused damages on a large sweetpotato seed multiplication site at the Rwanda …

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Armyworm: New sweetpotato pest invades Rwanda

Armyworms that were collected from the vine plot in Karama research station. Photo: Aime Ndayisenga/CIP

Like any other crop, sweetpotato is susceptible to attacks by pests and diseases due to various factors including the agroecological and climate conditions. Rwandan farmers, particularly maize and sweetpotato growers have been experiencing an army worm attack since the beginning of the current agricultural season. The army worm was first …

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