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Banner: Promote biofortification to combat micronutrient malnutrition in AFRICA

This banner is on promoting biofortification to combat micronutrient malnutrition in Africa.    Scaling up Biofortified Crops for Food and Nutrition Security:   Micronutrient malnutrition or hidden hunger is characterized by chronic deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, iron and zinc. Promote nutrition-sensitive agriculture through a ‘food basket’ …

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SPHI Brief 2016: Combating hidden hunger through nutritious food baskets

The Building Nutritious Food Baskets (BNFB) project is testing a scaling up model through a multiple crops “food basket” approach, drawing on complementary CGIAR expertise for scaling up biofortified crops in particular. The  model being tested focuses on i) advocacy efforts aimed at catalysing policy chang and mobilizing resource commitments; …

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SPHI Brief 2016: HarvestPlus Uganda Counting the Gains: Accelerating Nutrition and Public Health with Biofortified Crops

Micronutrient malnutrition is one of Uganda’s biggest health concerns. We want to contribute to the reduction of micronutrient malnutrition and improve dietary intakes of vitamin A and iron among 3,000,000 vulnerable households by 2021, by increasing the production and consumption of orange sweetpotato (OSP) and high iron beans in Uganda. …

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SPHI Brief 2016: Updates from Helen Keller International's Efforts in OFSP Dissemination

A multi-sectoral approach is key for large scale dissemination and adoption of orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) and harnessing its nutritional potential.   This requires creating demand for OFSP by communicating the nutritional and agronomic advantages, while at the same time providing training on the cultivation, storage and processing. This brief provides …

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Biofortification in Regional Agriculture and Nutrition Policies

FARA is organizing a side event entitled ‘Embracing biofortification in national and regional agriculture and nutrition policies and strategies, during the Commemoration of 7th African Day for Food and Nutrition Security (ADNFS). This side event falls within the Sub-theme 4 of the ADNFS i.e. harnessing partnerships for improved child nutrition …

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Scaling up Biofortified Crops through a “Food Basket” Approach for Food and Nutrition Security in Africa

Biofortification is one of the sustainable and cost-effective ways of addressing micronutrient malnutrition. Biofortification efforts are gaining global recognition and impacting on millions of people by addressing food insecurity especially in Africa. This year’s World Food Prize has been awarded to four laureates in recognition of their efforts in developing …

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Delivering and Disseminating Biofortified Crops in Uganda: Final Report January–December 2012

This is the end of the first year technical report for the project, “Delivering and Disseminating Biofortified Crops in Uganda,” which began in January 2012. During this reporting period, CIP supplied 100 clean in vitro plantlets of each of the four orange sweetpotato (OSP) varieties, Ejumula, Kabode (SPK004/6/6) and Vita (SPK004/6) to Makerere …

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Delivering and Disseminating Biofortified Crops in Uganda: Final Report January–December 2014

During the third year of the “Delivering and Disseminating Biofortified Crops in Uganda” project, the International Potato Center (CIP), in collaboration with the National Crops Resources Research Institute, planted 100 on-farm trials to evaluate six promising orange sweetpotato (OSP) clones in Rakai, Buyende, Oyam, Isingiro, and Kabale districts:1. ‘Ejumula (OP) …

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