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Report of new cultivar. INIVIT B-50, new sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) cultivar for cuban agriculture

Currently, more than 95 % of the areas dedicated to sweet potato production in Cuba are planted with cultivars from the Genetic Improvement Program (PMG) of the Research Institute of Tropical Roots and Tubers Crops. However, none of these commercial cultivars, possess the characteristics for an adequate adaptation to the …

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Released / launched sweetpotato varieties in the Americas (update March 2019)

This in an update appendix 1 in Grüneberg et al (2015) and provides details about released / launched sweetpotato varieties over the past three decades by 17 classification variables, namely 1) country, 2) year of release / launch, 3) variety type, 4) recombination method 5) Selection method 6) storage root …

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UNBURIED TREASURE: Breeding better sweet potatoes for the world

NC State rescued the sweet potato industry in North Carolina and helped it grow into a global powerhouse. Now the university is leading an effort to breed sweet potatoes that could provide economic opportunities and better nutrition for people in several African countries.

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The BecA-ILRI Hub Annual Report 2017 – Mentoring Women to Become Future Leaders in Science

Adero is a research assistant at the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) in Uganda where she is part of the Genomic Tools for Sweet Potato Improvement Project team. Besides developing genomics and modern breeding tools, the project emphasizes capacity building and empowering research staff of national partners to carry …

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SASHA Brief 01: Breeding in Africa for Africa

In 2017/2018, experimental results at CIP-Headquarters showed genetic gains for root yield of between 70% and 118% over the baseline breeding populations selected for wide adaptation, earliness, high iron content, and non-sweetness. In Uganda, based on the performance of 1,600 crosses for three seasons (2016-2017), 48 cross combinations were identified …

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SPHI Brief 39: New Genomic Tools for Sweetpotato Improvement (GT4SP) are Coming On-Line

The sweetpotato breeding and genomics community of practice can now boast of new genomics and advanced modern breeding tools. The GT4SP`s current polyploid analytic toolbox includes a pipeline for hexaploid genotyping by sequencing, software for assigning marker genotypes1, establishing chromosome-scale linkage phase among marker alleles, constructing haplotypes, generating hexaploidy linkage …

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