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SASHA Brief 03: Revolutionizing Sweetpotato Breeding Through Heterosis Exploiting Breeding Schemes – How Far are we?

Exploitation of hybrid vigor is one of the hallmarks of modern plant and animal breeding, but until recently had not been seriously considered by root and tuber breeders. In sweetpotato breeding, we have made exciting progress developing and implementing heterosis exploiting breeding schemes (HEBS) and are now applying this approach …

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HIDAP and Sweetpotatobase training in Burkina Faso

Databases have become an integral part of all aspects of biological research, including basic and applied plant biology. The importance of databases continues to increase as the volume of breeding data and genomics approaches expands. International Potato Center (CIP) held a HIDAP and Sweetpotatobase training at the Institut de l’Environnement et Recherches …

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SASHA Brief 01: Breeding in Africa for Africa (Update)

By July 2016, efforts at CIP-Headquarters in Peru to systematically exploit heterosis were well advanced with testing of hybrid progenies underway following a full cycle of reciprocal recurrent selection (RRS). In Uganda, results on the potential to exploit heterosis confirm selecting strongly for virus resistance using RRS. Genetic gains of …

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Poster: Building resilient food systems for Sub-Sahara Africa through genomics assisted breeding

Conventional breeding, is still dependent to a considerable extent on subjective evaluation and empirical selection. The process can be difficult, slow, influenced by the environment, and costly for the economy, as farmers suffer crop losses. Molecular marker assisted breeding (MAS) offers great challenges, opportunities and prospects for conventional scientific breeding, …

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Poster: Breeding and disseminating early maturing, vitamin A rich sweetpotato in Burkina Faso

In the Sudano-Sahelian zone like Burkina Faso, the rainy season is shorter with periods of drought of varying lengths, while the prevalence of acute malnutrition is over emergency thresholds. To contribute to building resilient food and nutrition systems suitable sweetpotato varieties are expected to be orange-fleshed and better fit in …

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Poster: HIDAP-A unified platform for clonal crops breeders

Breeding programs involve large investments of time and money, but can pay very large returns on investment in the form of improved varieties which benefit farmers, societies and the environment. International breeding efforts involving multiple partners and targeting regionally important constraints have great potential for efficiently and rapidly achieving impact. …

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