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Presentation: Improved Tools for Breeders: Clone Selector & AccuData Log

This presentation talks about Clone selector (CS) a tool developed to aid breeders in field trials, data analysis and selection decision. The clone selector has unique features such as being open source with MS excel and R statistical package, designed for single and multiple field trial locations, generate field book …
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Clone Selector 3.0 IPBO Summer Course 2012: Modern Breeding Techniques for Improvement of Sweetpotato

Clone Selector is an Excel based data management tool. It aims to: Create fieldbooks for several statistical designs. Define a standard way for data recording. Provide some options for statistical analysis. This presentation covers the following: Clone Selector characteristics Clone Selector installation Statistical designs
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Procedures for the evaluation and analysis of sweetpotato trials

Standard CIP breeding manual for sweetpotato breeding in Sub-Saharan Africa. Includes separate documents for a) overall conduct and analysis of selection trials, b) on-farm trial procedures, and c) forms for data collection. The standard trial methods are also fully covered and incorporated in the CloneSelector program and its instruction manual.
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