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SPHI Brief 2011: Sweetpotato support platforms to build a community of practice

Among variety of crops in sub-Saharan Africa, under-investment is majorly experienced in sweetpotato production. The key bottlenecks to the full potential utilization of sweetpotato have been identified, and there is a dearth of researchers addressing those problems and development agents knowledgeable in good sweetpotato production and post-harvest management techniques. These …

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Regional Technical Support Platform for East, West, Central and Southern Africa Third Consultation: The Business Case for Sweetpotato Seed Multiplication; Hotel Villa Portofino, Kigali Rwanda – April 28-29, 2015

The Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Initiative is (SPHI) is a 10 year, multi donor initiative that seeks to reduce child malnutrition and improve smallholder incomes through the effective production and expanded use of sweetpotato. The SPHI is expected to improve the lives of 10 million households by 2020 in 17 target …

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SPHI Brief 2014: Building an Effective Sweetpotato Community of Practice

Sweetpotato for profits and health initiative (SPHI) is a sweetpotato support platform working in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) to build effective community of practices (CoPs). In this brief, SPHI phase I major achievement was the development of effective sweetpotato ‘‘Speedbreeders’’ CoP. Additonally, there is still the need to strengthen breeding capacity …

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