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Presentation 8: Progress on commercialization of OFSP based products in Malawi

This presentation reports on a project progress initiated to commercialize the orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) based products in Malawi. The major impacts observed include increased incomes for farmers, formalized OFSP markets establishment, increased accessibility of VitA-rich foods and disease free OFSP vines, and increased yields and better quality roots from improved …

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Presentation 5: Optimization of frying conditions and effect of storage on quality attributes of sweetpotato crisps from different varieties

Fried crisps and street-vended chunky fried chips from sweetpotato have been found to be among the products that are capable of increasing utilization of sweetpotato in Nigeria, and also has high commercial potential. Sweetpotato crisps could be marketed as highly nutritious snack foods, particularly the orange-fleshed varieties. However, differences in …

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Effect of frying temperature and time on composition and sensory quality of sweet potato crisps

Fried products have been found to be among the sweet potato products that are not only capable of increasing the utilization of sweet potato in Nigeria, but also have high commercial potential. It is important to establish frying conditions for use by emerging small to medium scale processors that will …

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