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The BecA-ILRI Hub Annual Report 2017 – Mentoring Women to Become Future Leaders in Science

Adero is a research assistant at the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) in Uganda where she is part of the Genomic Tools for Sweet Potato Improvement Project team. Besides developing genomics and modern breeding tools, the project emphasizes capacity building and empowering research staff of national partners to carry …

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Armyworm: New sweetpotato pest invades Rwanda

Armyworms that were collected from the vine plot in Karama research station. Photo: Aime Ndayisenga/CIP

Like any other crop, sweetpotato is susceptible to attacks by pests and diseases due to various factors including the agroecological and climate conditions. Rwandan farmers, particularly maize and sweetpotato growers have been experiencing an army worm attack since the beginning of the current agricultural season. The army worm was first …

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SPHI Brief 2015: Better Potato for a Better Life: Reducing Food Insecurity and Dependence on Cereals in Amhara Oromia, Tigray and SNNP regions of Ethiopia

This flyer outlines the work done to achieve the goal of enhanced rural incomes, food security and nutrition in four regions of Ethiopia through resilient and profitable potato and swetpotato value chains. It describes the successes of the first phase of the project (2010-2014) which led to the implementation of …

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Challange Theme paper 5: Integrated Crop Management

Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L) (Poir) is grown widely and ranks 5th in over 50 developing countries. In Africa and especialiy Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) its grown by small scale farmers with biotic and abiotic challanges. This paper described each constraints faced by farmers by giving current known information and required future …

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The aim of agricultural extension in many countries is to promote technology packages developed by research institutes to a farmer audience through FARMER FIELD SCHOOL. Extension methods usually involve farmer group meetings or demonstration plots, however, small-scale poor farmers rarely implement the new technology promoted by the agricultural extension messages …

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Overall Challenge: Yields of sweetpotatoes are low in Africa and improved crop management will be critical to increases in productivity and yet there is virtually a research vacuum on integrated crop management (ICM) and most farmers have few incentives to intensify crop management. So the question is: how can quality …

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Unleashing the potential of sweetpotato in Sub-Saharan Africa: Current challenges and way forward

The series of theme papers presented in this working paper were prepared in preparation for a Sweetpotato Challenge Workshop held in July 2008 in Addis Ababa. This workshop brought together experts in the areas of agriculture, nutrition, health, animal feed and marketing from all parts of SSA to engage and …

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Use of the environmental impact quotient to estimate impacts of pesticide usage in three Peruvian potato production areas


In Peru, potato farmers rely on fungicides to control late blight, the most important disease, and insecticides to control a variety of pests. The study aims to estimate the environmental and human health risk associated with pesticide use through the use of the environmental impact quotient (EIQ) to represent the …

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