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Monitoring Learning and Evaluation Community of Practice seeks to improve and harmonise data M&E collection and reporting in sweetpotato projects through mobile data management tools

Armed with nothing but umbrellas and their mobile devices, a group of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) officers from different countries of the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region disembark from a bus in Gakenke, Rulindo district in Northern Rwanda. They have a date with farmers, and the April showers will not prevent …

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Presentation: Thinking about quality assurance for sweetpotato planting material: what are we learning?

This presentation reports on the importance of quality assurance for sweetpotato planting materials. This process reduces the risk of disease and pests spread through unscrupulous dealers and movement between different locations. Also included are details of previous experiences in Tanzania and Ethiopia, the cut off for QDPM and data collection …

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