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Decoding the Data Ecosystem

The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture is where information becomes power: power to predict, prescribe, and produce more food, more sustainably. It aims to democratize decades of agricultural data empowering analysts, statisticians, programmers and more to mine information for trends and quirks, and develop rapid, accurate and compelling recommendations for farmers, researchers and …

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Presentation 4: CIP’s Approach to Open Data and Research Data Management

This presentation made at the 2017 annual MLE CoP meeting  explains the need to collect relevant metadata for monitoring activities on the basis of standard CGIAR and CIP templates, for sharing on the open access repository. Other organizations are requested to do the same. The presentation is based on resources …

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Presentation 8: Data Analysis Using STATA Application to MLE Manual

This presentation, made during the 2017 MLE CoP annual meeting, aimed to show participants how to use STATA application within the context of the Monitoring and Evaluation manual,  whose goal is not only to provide the paper-based data collection instrument and a description of how to collect this information, but also provide a …

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  Field log is a data gathering system. Using modern gadgets such as pocket PC this method can reduce cost and time for collecting data as well as improve the quality of data. It’s flexibility is demonstrated with ability to capture data in different way such as typing, scanning barcodes. …

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