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Tag Archives: Decentralised vine multiplication

Presentation: Reaching the most vulnerable: Sustainable sweetpotato vine preservation in dry land areas of Malawi

In Malawi, sweetpotato (SP) is widely grown and is a major supplement in shortage of maize and other food crops. The SP production and diversification is expected to expand with facilitation by government and development partners. This drive results from the need for good caloric intake in the country. However, …

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Presentation: OFDA/USAID Mitigating Disaster Projects in 5 Provinces of Mozambique: Preliminary Results of the Baseline and Endline Surveys

In recent past, Mozambique experienced severe drought and floods in southern and central regions. This led to government call for mitigation efforts to improve vitamin A intake among over 120,000 households. This response strategy achieved the establishment of decentralized vine multiplication (DVM), capacity building on agro-processing, marketing and promoting of …

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