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Presentation 21: Women and men farmers perceptions of economic and health benefits of OFSP in Phalombe and Chikwawa district in Malawi

This paper looks at the perceived economic, health and social benefits of production, commercialization and consumption of Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) from the point of view of men and women farmers. It important to understand how men and women farmers perceive benefits as these perceptions may determine whether they adopt bio-fortified …

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One Million Hectares: World-wide Varietal Change in Potatoes and the Contribution of the International Potato Center

Development and availability of appropriate varieties and crop technologies are critical if we are to meet rising food security needs, including an increased potato demand at affordable prices for the poor. The study shows that CIP-related varieties are making a significant contribution in some of the poorer countries, especially in …

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Prospects for Enhancing Value of Crops through Public-Sector Research: Lessons from Experiences with Roots and Tubers

As international agricultural research centers places greater emphasis on poverty reduction, a debate is underway whether higher priority should be given to research to “add value” to agricultural commodities through post-harvest innovations at the expense of the traditional emphasis given to agricultural production. In particular, post-harvest research is seen as …

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