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Development of End-User Preferred Sweetpotato Varieties

The objective of this study was to develop end-user preferred sweetpotato varieties using a diallel mating scheme and to estimate the level of heterosis and heterobeltiosis.  using a diallel mating scheme and to estimate the level of heterosis and heterobeltiosis among F1 hybrids obtained from a diallel between low sugar sweetpotato genotypes.   Sweetpotato …

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Genetic incompatibilities in sweetpotato and implications for breeding end-user preferred traits

The objective of this study was to assess compatibilities among sweetpotato genotypes to select good parents for breeding end-user preferred traits in varieties for increased utilization in Ghana and beyond.   Sweetpotatoes utilization is low in Ghana due to lack of farmer and consumer preferred cultivars. Poor flowering and incompatibilities among …

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Evaluation of sweetpotato accessions for end-user preferred traits improvement

This study assessed the genetic diversity and differentiation in sweetpotato accessions in Ghana to guide selection for genetic improvement on beta-carotene, dry matter and sugar contents to promote increased utilization. One hundred and fifteen sweetpotato accessions from four different sources, which were the International Potato Centre (CIP) collection, local collection from farmers’ field, …

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