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Sweetpotato Agronomy Research in Ethiopia: Summary of Past Findings and Future Research Directions

Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) is economically important food crop in Ethiopia. Since its introduction, numerous agronomic research activities were carried out in agricultural research centers, non-governmental organizations and universities. The objective of this piece of work is to document available research findings in a usable manner and present …

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Sweetpotato Community Recipe Book – Ethiopia

This community recipe book, written in English and Amharic, was developed through the support of Irish Aid. It has content about sweetpotato facts and figures, Processing and Utilization and sweetpotato recipes for injera,sweetpotato bread, sweetpotato kocho, sweetpotato donuts, sweetpotato rich cake, sweetpotato dabo kolo, sweetpotato stew, sweetpotato alecha stew, sweetpotato …

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SPHI Brief 2016: Better Potato for a Better Life: Reducing Food Insecurity and Dependence on Cereals in Amhara Oromia, Tigray and SNNP regions of Ethiopia

This brief outlines the work done to achieve the goal of enhanced rural incomes, food security and nutrition in four regions of Ethiopia through resilient and profitable potato and swetpotato value chains. It describes the progress made between June 2015 and July 20156in implementing activities that are geared towards increasing …

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SPHI Brief 2016: Scaling out sweetpotato and potato-led interventions to improve nutrition and food security in Tigray and SNNPR, Ethiopia

This  is a brief of the ‘Scaling out sweetpotato and potato-led interventions to improve nutrition and food security in Tigray and SNNPR’ project, which is  being implemented in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR) and the Tigray region in the north of Ethiopia. At present, the project covers …

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Presentation 19: Re-thinking business models for inclusion of women and youths in sweetpotato value chain

The inclusion of women and youths in sweetpotato value chain is ideal as it seals the gender disparity in labor markets, and its results to increased house hold income and family wellbeing. The value chain concept is reported in this presentation for case studies conducted in Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania.

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Presentation 9: Scaling out potato and sweetpotato interventions in SNNPR and Tigray Ethiopia Product Development Ethiopia

This presentation documents a project set to scale out potato and sweetpotato interventions in Ethiopia. The main focus being to improved food and nutrition security among vulnerable households with young children in Tigray and SNNPR through increased production and consumption of micronutrient-rich sweetpotato and potato varieties as part of diversified …

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SPHI Brief 2013: Sweetpotato alleviating food insecurity and malnutrition in Ethiopia

This brief documents the achievements of two projects implemented in Ethiopia. The first project ‘‘Better potato for a better life’’ sought to significantly improve food security and diet quality of vulnerable households. While second one ‘‘Alleviation of food insecurity and malnutrition via orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP)’’. Implementation of these project demonstrated …

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Seed Potato Tuber Production and Dissemination: Experiences, Challenges and Prospects

This book documents workshop papers covering the following topics: General papers, rapid multiplication techniques, seed agronomy, participatory seed potato production, crop protection, and socio-economic aspects. Most papers originated from studies in Ethiopia, while about three dealt with aspects of potato production in Eastern Africa and Kenya. Given the fact that …

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