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SASHA Brief 2016: The Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Community of Practice embraces smartphones to support monitoring activities

Monitoring data must be accurate and processed in a timely manner to be useful to project management. While different disciplines have already provided a significant amount of evidence regarding the effectiveness of using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for data collection, most sweetpotato research work in sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) continues …

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Presentation 02: Randomisation and Sampling Frames for Household Surveys: Guidelines

This presentation was part of a training exercise facilitated by Srini Rajendran. The first part of the presentation sought to harmonize the understanding of the meaning and process of monitoring and evaluation. He shared lessons from the ‘Evaluating social programs’ course which was held in South Africa and circulated a …

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Monitoring Learning and Evaluation Community of Practice seeks to improve and harmonise data M&E collection and reporting in sweetpotato projects through mobile data management tools

Armed with nothing but umbrellas and their mobile devices, a group of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) officers from different countries of the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region disembark from a bus in Gakenke, Rulindo district in Northern Rwanda. They have a date with farmers, and the April showers will not prevent …

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Impact Evaluation in Practice

This book offers an accessible introduction to the topic of impact evaluation and its practice in development. While the book is geared principally towards development practitioners and policymakers designing prospective impact evaluations, we trust that it will be a valuable resource for students and others interested in using impact evaluation. …

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Household Dietary Diversity Score (HDDS) for Measurement of Household Food Access: Indicator Guide

In light of the need to build consensus on household food access impact indicators, two strategic objective level indicators of household food access – HDDS and months of inadequate household food provisioning (MIHFP) – were identified during the development of USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP)’s FY05-08 strategy, through …

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