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CIP's Genebank the Future of Potato and Sweetpotato. Home of the largest In vitro genebank in the world

The genetic resources maintained by CIP represent the heritage of many nations and the labor of countless farmers, plant explorers, and geneticists. The collections were made possible through the contributions of individuals and communities from scores of different countries. The material in CIP’s diverse germplasm collection is used in various …

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Microsatellite Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Sweetpotato Varieties from Latin America

Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) was originally domesticated in tropical America. The sweetpotato gene bank maintained at CIP now contains 5526 cultivated accessions from 57 countries, of which 2589 are from Latin America. Understanding the diversity in the distribution of this germplasm is essential for its rational management and use. …

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Starch Content and Properties of 106 Sweetpotato Clones from the World Germplasm Collection Held at CIP, Peru

There is significant cultivar difference in the content and properties of sweetpotato starch, which suggests that genetic improvement of these traits may be achieved. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the variability of starch content and properties (amylose content and pasting properties) in advanced sweetpotato clones selected from …

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