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Genetic Variation, Diversity and Genotype by Environment Interactions of Nutritional Quality Traits in East African Sweetpotato

This study sought to contribute to the pre-breeding knowledge base required for the improvement of sweetpotato nutritional quality targeting beta-carotene, dry matter, starch, sucrose and minerals as a sustainable strategy to reduce the problems associated with the micronutrient deficiencies and malnutrition among people in developing countries.

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The taxonomy, evolution and Genetic Diversity of Sweetpotato and Related Wild Species

The taxonomy of Ipomoea section Batatas is summarized with the conclusion that the alliance is composed of twelve named species, two named hybrids and one unnamed hybrid. An interpretation of evolution within the section is presented by using data from morphology, ecology, cytology, hybrids, and cluster analyses. Genetic diversity is …

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Farmer Maintainance of Sweetpotato Diversity in Asia: Dominant Conservation and Implications for In Situ Conservation

To document and evaluate sweetpotato diversity in Asia and to understand how farmers maintain cultivars, CIP supported germplasm collection and socioeconomic studies in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam from the early 1990s. The following document is a presentation of case studies in four major sweetpotato production – shifting cultivation in …

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Microsatellite Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Sweetpotato Varieties from Latin America

Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) was originally domesticated in tropical America. The sweetpotato gene bank maintained at CIP now contains 5526 cultivated accessions from 57 countries, of which 2589 are from Latin America. Understanding the diversity in the distribution of this germplasm is essential for its rational management and use. …

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Vines to Roots: Sweetpotato Breeding for Impact

From June 1-3 1994, an international workshop was held in Lima, Peru, to actively seek out views of experts from academia, research institutions and the private sector with regard to CIP’s breeding work. Based on their presentations, questions and answers, as well as round-table discussions, the workshop participants prepared two …

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