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2019 SPHI Brief 34. Genomic tools for sweetpotato improvement project (GT4SP).

We developed genomic and genetic resources for sweetpotato improvement, including genome sequencing and annotation of two diploid relatives, to be used as reference genomes for cultivated sweetpotato. We developed a sequence-based single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping platform, with supporting bioinformatics and analytical tools to facilitate marker-assisted breeding. We additionally developed …

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SPHI Brief 39: New Genomic Tools for Sweetpotato Improvement (GT4SP) are Coming On-Line

The sweetpotato breeding and genomics community of practice can now boast of new genomics and advanced modern breeding tools. The GT4SP`s current polyploid analytic toolbox includes a pipeline for hexaploid genotyping by sequencing, software for assigning marker genotypes1, establishing chromosome-scale linkage phase among marker alleles, constructing haplotypes, generating hexaploidy linkage …

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Webinar: Marker-Assisted Breeding as Next-Generation Strategy for Genetic Improvement of sweetpotato in Sub Saharan Africa

This webinar was held on 24th March, 2016 at 4.00 pm EAT. The main speakers were: Prof Craig Yencho – Distinguished Professor and Program Leader Sweetpotato and Potato Breeding and Genetics Programs North Carolina State University; Lead PI, BMGF Genomic Tools for Sweetpotato Improvement Project (GT4SP). The Assistant speaker was …

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