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Sweetpotato sexual seed management

This is a section sourced from the ‘Sweetpotato Germplasm management’ training manual-propagation and conservation. The section gives descriptions and importance of steps followed to perform sweetpotato sexual seed management. As the key objective is to maintain viability of sexual seed stocks, the appropriate management of the sexual seed of the …

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Presentation: Phase 1 Achievements of the Sweetpotato Support Platform – Southern Africa

Sweetpotato breeding activities in Southern Africa aims at both breeding and germplasm management (GM). Through breeding, drought resistant Orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) with improved yielding abilities are targeted while GM aims good quality material maintenance, seed dissemination and developing multiplication strategies. This presentation highlights these observed achievements and  including include support …

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This is an advanced setup guide for RExcel. This guide describes advanced methods for installing and uninstalling RExcel. The methods described here should be used as a last result or by advanced R users. This guide should be used by: An advanced R user who does NOT want to uninstall …

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Viruses and virus-like diseases of sweetpotato

This article by Moyer and Salazar, outlines the viruses and virus like diseases affecting sweetpotato crop. Due to renewed interest of the  international agricultural community in sweetpotato, there is need for development of improved varieties. These varieties are needed for germplasm maintenance, commercial production and research purposes. From field observations …

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Tissue culture of Ipomoea batatas: Micropopagation and maintainance

Tissue culture allows the rapid clonal propagation of a large number of plantlets over a short period, as well as the maintenance of germplasm under controlled conditions in small spaces and with reduced labor requirements. This document describes the advantages, methodologies and materials used for tissue culture at the International …

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Sweetpotato Germplasm Management Training Manual: Management of sweetpotato plant materials in quarantine greenhouse

Collecting activities allow us to obtain new samples that could be introduced into the collections. It is important, therefore, to be careful in handling these materials when they arrive to the place where the collection is maintained. This manual outlines some precautions for sweetpotato germplasm collectors to consider in order to reduce …

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Sweetpotato Germplasm Management (Ipomoea batatas) Training manual

The sweetpotato is a plant that was probably originated in or near northwestern South America. The most common names for this plant in Latin America are batata, camote, boniato, batata doce, apichu, and kumara.   The systematic classification of the sweetpotato is as follows: Family: Convolvulaceae Tribe: Ipomoeae Genus: Ipomoea …

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