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Preliminary results of the heterosis trial in Mozambique with clones derived from Ugandan inter- and intra- gene pool crosses

The main objective of this presentation was: To demonstrate family means for inter genepool crosses 8A x 8B (64 families) and intra-genepool crosses 8A x 8A (n * n-1) / 2 = 24 families) as well as intra-genepool crosses 8B x 8B (n * n-1) / 2 = 24 families) …

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Sweetpotato preliminary heterosis results from Uganda

The objective of this study was to establish yield gains in early generation sweetpotato clones derived from inter and intra population crosses of two East African genepools (Population Uganda A and Population Uganda B) hypothesized to be mutually heterotic.

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SASHA Brief 2014: Heterosis Exploiting Breeding Schemes for Rapid Yield Enhancement

Heterosis is a concept first explained by Gregor Mendel in 1865. Further, in recent studies heterosis for outbreeding crops ranks among the biggest impacts made by plant breeders to world food supply. During sweetpotato action for security and health in Africa (SASHA) Phase 1, clear evidence was generated for the …

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