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ABSTRACT: Nonexperimental or “quasi-experimental” evaluation methods, in which researchers use treatment and comparison groups without randomly assigning subjects to the groups, are often proposed as substitutes for randomized trials. Yet, nonexperimental (NX) methods rely on untestable assumptions. To assess these methods in the context of welfare, job training, and employment …

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Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women – A Guide to Measurement

The Minimum Dietary Diversity for WRA (MDD-W) indicator defined and described in this document is a food group diversity indicator that has been shown to reflect one key dimension of diet quality: micronutrient adequacy, summarised across 11 micronutrients (Martin-Prével et al., 2015). The indicator constitutes an important step towards filling the need for …

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Presentation: Maternal nutrition outcomes in an integrated agriculture, health and nutrition program in western Kenya

Mama SASHA was a 5 year integrated program that sought to answer the question “can linking vitamin A rich sweet potato to existing health services improve maternal and child nutrition? The project was implemented in eight facilities which were purposively drawn from the larger pool of health facilities in Busia …

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Evaluation of Impact of Project Intervention INCOPA / ADERSE in Huanuco

This study is a joint initiative of INCOPA, PAPA ANDINA (another project of the International Potato Center associated with INCOPA) and ADERSE, and leaned on a consulting job for execution. Its kind of ex – post, qualitative and quantitative, and uses several methodologies for collecting and analyzing information. Has three …

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School-based nutrition education and promotion of orange-fleshed sweetpotato in urban and peri-urbanareas of Kampala: Impacts and lessons learnt

Under the umbrella of the project “Promotion of Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato Varieties through Schools in Urban and Peri-urban Communities of Kampala” two separately funded and implemented components were combined with the shared aim of increasing the production and consumption of OFSP varieties among urban farming households in Kampala, to increase intake …

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