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CIP’s Vision Statement

The International Agricultural Research Centers must take a longer term perspective on research. Longer term research planning by a center can only be done effectively if there is a vision for the center. In times of change, a well-articulated vision is also critical in order to provide guidelines for decision …

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Presentation: Reaching the most vulnerable: Sustainable sweetpotato vine preservation in dry land areas of Malawi

In Malawi, sweetpotato (SP) is widely grown and is a major supplement in shortage of maize and other food crops. The SP production and diversification is expected to expand with facilitation by government and development partners. This drive results from the need for good caloric intake in the country. However, …

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One million hectares world wide Varietal change in potatoes and the contribution of the International Potato Center

This brief highlights how over a million hectares world wide are planted with potato varieties and the contribution of International Potato Center. Over 1 million hectares are planted worldwide with potato varieties bred by or obtained through CIP. According to a 2007 survey of 23 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin …

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