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Genetic Analysis of Sweetpotato and Wild Relatives using Inter-simple Sequence Repeats (ISSRs)

Inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) amplification was evaluates for its usefulness in generating DNA markers for sweetpotato and related wid species. ISSR markers were obtained through PCR amplification using simple sequence repeat (SSR) primers. Optimization of the reaction conditions was successfully achieved fro 24% out of 100 SSR primers screened. The …

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Evolutionary relationships among morning glories and the wild relatives of sweetpotatoes: Identifying the potential gene pool relevant to Ipomoea batatas

morning glories

This is a two-part presentation: Brief introduction to morning glories, Consider the potential gene pool relevant to sweet potato pre-breeding among the crop wild relatives. The colorful presentation is filled with pictorials on morning glories with detailed explanations on their characteristics and the gene pool relevant to sweetpotato.

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