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SPHI Brief 35: Introduction of Irrigation Technologies for Continuous Sweetpotato Seed Production and Supply in Southern Ethiopia

To assist Farmer Training Centers in SNNPR to become sustainable producers of quality sweetpotato planting material, investments in water harvesting and water lifting (solar pumps, rope and washer pumps) have been made in 26 centers based on a technical assessment.

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SASHA Brief 10: Cost-effectiveness of Different Irrigation Approaches for Producing Sweetpotato Vines in Net Tunnels Compared to Open Nurseries

This study was conducted under researcher-management to compare different irrigation approaches for producing sweetpotato planting material in low-cost net tunnels and open nurseries. Preliminary results show that producing vines using net tunnels with access to irrigation (drip and furrow) is more cost-effective than producing vines in open field nurseries with …

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SASHA Brief 09: Rice-Sweetpotato Rotation System: Improving Rice Yields and Profitability while Providing Sweetpotato Planting Material and Food in Irrigated Rice Schemes in Northern Uganda

After three seasons, the overall results for the sweetpotato-rice rotation show that average root yields in the rotation treatment were significantly higher (average yield= 28 t ha-1) than in the control (average yield= 19.8 t ha-1). Paddy yield of rice grown after sweetpotato was also significantly higher than the control …

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SASHA Brief 08: Assessing irrigation approaches for production of sweetpotato planting material in net tunnels and open fields

This study explored the importance of four factors in irrigated vine production. These were production in net tunnels and open plots, varietal differences, different water delivery systems and water stress levels. All the experimental plots performed better than the control (farmer practice) with both varieties attaining higher yields under net …

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