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Orange-fleshed sweetpotato experience highlighted at 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security in Cape Town, South Africa

  Written by Dr. Jan Low One of the Global Challenges being addressed at the 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security, held 3rd -6th December, 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa, was how sustainable agriculture could serve the foundation of food security and exploit its potential to secure livelihoods. …

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The Global Nutrition Report – 2016

Over the past decade, momentum around nutrition has been steadily building, with governments and stakeholders around the world acknowledging nutrition as a key component of development. In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals enshrined the objective of “ending all forms of malnutrition”, challenging the world to think and act differently on …

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Complementary food blends and malnutrition among infants in Ghana: A review and a proposed solution

Widespread malnutrition among Ghanaian infants could be attributed to unfortified plant-based complementary foods commonly used at the household level. This review summarizes the publications on the development of complementary food blends and intervention trials aimed at improving the nutritional status of Ghanaian infants. The complementary food blends are cereal-based which …

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SPHI Brief 2013: Rooting out hunger in Malawi with nutritious Orange-fleshed sweetpotato

Malnutrition among young children remains one of the biggest challenges in Malawi rural. Agriculture is the major occupation in rural areas, getting this sector moving is critical for food security and poverty reduction. Maize is the most important food crop, followed by cassava, sweetpotato, Irish potato, and sorghum. Sweetpotato is …

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SASHA Brief 2013: Nutritious Orange-fleshed sweetpotato for Niassa, Mozambique

Niassa is the most remote and sparsely populated of Mozambique’s provinces with a population density of just 11-12 persons per km2 of land (compared with the national average of 30 persons per km2). This region suffers high rates of child malnutrition. Therefore SASHA initiated a project “Nutritious Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) …

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