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Poster:The impact of school nutritional campaigns on OFSP adoption and food security among smallholder farming households in Tigray region, Ethiopia

Malnutrition is a major challenge in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. This is majorly contributed by heavy dependence on starchy cereals, low dietary diversity and limited consumption of vitamin A-rich foods. Integrating locally adapted, drought tolerant and nutritious crops into local farming systems can potentially address these problems. Production and …
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SPHI Brief 2014: Alleviating of Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in Tigray and SNNPR in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is characterized with persistent food shortage which can be reversed through adoption of Orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP). Two projects initiated to alleviate food insecurity and malnutrition, and to link agriculture and health proved that community cooking is an effective tool for increasing consumption of OFSP, for disseminating nutrition knowledge …
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SPHI Brief 2014: Rooting Out Hunger In Malawi With Nutritious Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato: Phase 1 Achievements

In Malawi, agriculture is the major occupation in rural areas. Despites varied farming practices the government of Malawi is facing and committed to poverty eradication through Agriculture. Among the major crops sweetpotato is ranked 3rd. This brief presents initiative to rooting out hunger in Malawi with nutritious Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP). …
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Orange-fleshed sweetpotato situation analysis and needs assessment Tanzania report

Malnutrition is one of the most serious health problems affecting infants, children, and women of reproductive age in Tanzania. Despite progress made, millions of children and women in Tanzania continue to suffer from one or more forms of under-nutrition, including low birth weight, stunting, being underweight, wasting, vitamin A deficiency …
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Sweetpotato Breeding in Ghana in Partnership with the Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Inititiative

Sweetpotato is increasingly important in African agriculture for combating food insecurity and malnutrition, particularly vitamin A deficiency. The Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Initiative (SPHI) aims to reposition sweetpotato in African food economies, and improve the lives of 10 million families by 2020. The SPHI works through diverse research and …
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