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Presentation: Sweetpotato research at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI)

NRI has worked on sweetpotato for several decades. Andrew Westby presented the ongoing work. The electronic sweetpotato is a device that resembles a sweetpotato and has a sensor that is supposed to look at where the damage occurs during marketing.  He also shared experiences of OFSP Marketing in Mozambique and …

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Championing Change – Using Champions to Promote Better Nutrition in Rural Tanzania

This Learning Case is a “work in progress” developed under the project “Scaling up Technologies in Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato Using the Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) to Address Food and Nutrition Security in Eastern and Central Africa”. The project duration was from February 2012 to October 2013 with funding provided …

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SASHA Brief 2015: Does it Make Sense to Store Fresh Roots?

This flyer is a brief description of a study undertaken to better understand whether fresh root storage might offer opportunities with the Kenyan OFSP supply chain. 59 stakeholder and focus group interviews were undertaken across eight focal counties in Kenya to understand existing sweetpotato value chains, their seasonality, farmers’ production …

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Growing orange-fleshed sweetpotato for a healthy diet: A supplementary learners’ resource book for upper primary schools

This learning resource about orange-fleshed sweetpotato for pupils in upper primary schools (primary levels 5–7) was designed to supplement the teaching of topics in the agriculture, integrated science and related curricula. It is not a pupil’s book in the real sense, but rather an innovative invitation by the teachers for …

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Improving the livelihoods of small-scale sweetpotato farmers in Central Uganda through a crop post harvest-based innovation system

The sweetpotato coalition project focused on improving the livelihood of small-scale farmers through the introduction of post harvest technologies, identification of markets and establishment of links as entry points for improving market access. The project purpose was to sustainably reduce post harvest losses, diversify value added products and increase household …

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Improved Food Crop Marketing through Appropriate Transport for Poor Farmers in Uganda

In order to achieve the project purpose “Strategies developed and promoted, which improve food security of poor households through increased availability and improved quality of food and better access to markets” the following outputs have been produced: • Capacity for Transport Forum Group offices to manage and backstop rural transport …

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