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BNFB FLYER: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Hidden Hunger for Nutrition Security in Africa

Almost a quarter of the people in sub-Saharan Africa suffer from micronutrient malnutrition or ‘hidden hunger.’ This problem disproportionately affects women of reproductive age, infants, and young children, many of whom suffer deficiencies of essential micronutrients such as vitamin A, iron and zinc. Micronutrient malnutrition results in several health problems …

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BNFB Brief- Facts on Biofortification

Biofortification is the process of increasing nutritional value of food crops by increasing the density of vitamins and minerals in a crop through either conventional plant breeding; agronomic practices or biotechnology. Biofortification is one solution among many interventions that are needed to solve the complex problem of micronutrient malnutrition.Approaches range …

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Building Nutritious Food Baskets – Tanzania Partners Planning Workshop Report

partners planning workshop

This report documents the proceedings of the Building Nutritious Food Baskets (BNFB) Tanzania partners planning workshop held September 22-23, 2016 at the White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam – Tanzania. It documents the processes and outputs of the workshop, including presentations made in plenary, discussions, and results or outputs of …

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