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Nutrition-sensitive agriculture: Compendium of indicators for nutrition-sensitive agriculture

nutrition-sensitive agriculture

The compendium of indicators for nutrition-sensitive agriculture is a guide for those responsible for the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of investment projects in food and agriculture – including and in addition to value chains, social development, and rural development – that need to demonstrate that they lead to intermediary results toward …
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SASHA Brief 2016: The Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Community of Practice embraces smartphones to support monitoring activities

Monitoring data must be accurate and processed in a timely manner to be useful to project management. While different disciplines have already provided a significant amount of evidence regarding the effectiveness of using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for data collection, most sweetpotato research work in sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) continues …
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Presentation 02: Randomisation and Sampling Frames for Household Surveys: Guidelines

This presentation was part of a training exercise facilitated by Srini Rajendran. The first part of the presentation sought to harmonize the understanding of the meaning and process of monitoring and evaluation. He shared lessons from the ‘Evaluating social programs’ course which was held in South Africa and circulated a …
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Presentation 13: Tools for Monitoring Dietary Diversity & Frequency of Vitamin A intake

The FAO have a standard list of questions with the main food groups. These are a minimum requirement, but they can be extended. The objectives of the presentation were to (i) Review the different Dietary Diversity indicator measures; (ii) Present a simple tool for collecting food groups consumed in the …
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