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2019 SPHI Brief 32. Viable Sweetpotato Technologies in Africa (VISTA) Mozambique delivered orange-fleshed sweetpotato at Scale.

During the 5-year project period, 74,000 households (55% female-headed) received quality orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) planting material; 39% of them were able to sustain production of OFSP in subsequent seasons without receiving additional vines from the project. 162,000 households indirectly benefitted through farmer-to-farmer diffusion of planting material and agronomic and nutritional …

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2019 SPHI Brief 31. Moving ahead with the nutritious sweetpotato in Inhambane, Mozambique.

From the lessons learned from previous activities in the Niassa province and recognizing that the agro-climatic conditions were completely different, the project started to implement field activities in a new province, Inhambane, on August 21, 2018. During the launch of the agricultural campaign for 2018-2019, the Inhambane government’s agricultural director …

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2019 SASHA Brief 20. Solar-powered storage in Mozambique: Lessons learned and way forward.

Design, installation and testing of a solar-powered storage facility (Fig.1) was conducted over four months in Marracuene, Mozambique using fresh roots of four varieties. The percentage of marketable root weight was above 70% of the initial weight at four months of cold storage in all the four varieties. There were …

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2019 SASHA Brief 04. Major achievements in breeding for drought tolerance and high iron orange-fleshed sweetpotato in Mozambique: Lessons learned and achievements in phase 2 (2014-2019)

Successful second round of accelerated breeding completed, with the release of 4 orange-fleshed (OFSP) and 3 purple-fleshed (PFSP) drought tolerant sweetpotato varieties in 2016. Third round will be completed in 2019. Early season and terminal drought have negative effects on storage root yield (Fig. 1). Thick vines offer a morphological …

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SPHI Brief 31: Mitigating Impact of Droughts and Floods on Livelihoods in Mozambique Through Resilient, Nutritious Sweetpotato

About 26,000 direct household beneficiaries have been reached by the project. Overall, this represents almost 108% more of the total 24,000 targeted project beneficiaries by December, 2018. 5,000 farmers were also exposed to different orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) nutrition related messaging, while more than 200 direct beneficiaries participated in OFSP cooking …

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SPHI Brief 29: Viable Sweetpotato Techologies in Africa (VISTA) Mozambique

23,000 farmers (50% females) received quality planting material from October 2017 to June 2018. During the same period, 22,765 children under five years of age and 16,371 women of reproductive age were reached with nutrition messaging. We also completed a nutrition monitoring survey on 426 women to understand the impact …

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SPHI Brief 28: Learning from Nutritious Sweetpotato for Niassa and Applying Lessons to Inhambane, Mozambique

From July 2017, the project conducted an in-depth assessment to evaluate the impact of the project in Niassa and the lessons to be considered for the future. The Agricultural Director for the government in Niassa included OFSP production in their 2018 program through SDAE extension agents in nine districts and …

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