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Genotype x environment interaction and selection for drought adaptation in sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas [L.] Lam.) in Mozambique

Sweetpotato is grown throughout the year in Mozambique but drought affects storage root yield and biomass productivity. The objectives of this research were to estimate the impact of genotype × environment interactions (G × E) in sweetpotato and select genotypes based on drought indices such as geometric mean, percent yield reduction, drought sensitivity index …

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Presentation 16: Sweetpotato value chain and the potential role for commercial fresh root storage in selected areas of Mozambique

SASHA has worked with NRI and SUSTAIN to carry out a commodity chain study in Mozambique. This study focuses on two provinces covered by SUSTAIN: Manica and Maputo. Its objectives are (a) to assess how sweetpotato can be placed in terms of consumers’ choice, (b) to describe and understand the …

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Biofortification, Crop Adoption, and Health Information: Impact Pathways in Mozambique and Uganda

Biofortification, breeding staple food crops to be dense sources of essential micronutrients, is fast emerging as a strategy to fight micronutrient malnutrition. Large-scale biofortification investments are being made in several developing countries, but until recently little rigorous evidence about the impact of these investments has been available. In this paper, …

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The Introduction of Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato on the Agricultural Farming System of Central Mozambique: The Opportunity Cost of Growing This Nutritious Crop

Many efforts have been recently made in Mozambique to disseminate orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP), an efficacious and effective source of pro-vitamin A. It has been demonstrated that the consumption of OFSP during the harvesting period can reduce vitamin A deficiency (VAD) by 15% when it is introduced alongside an effort to …

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