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Piecemeal versus one-time harvesting of sweet potato in north-eastern Uganda with special reference to pest damage

Sweetpotato in Uganda

In north-eastern Uganda, the sweet potato crop of small subsistence farmers is severely affected by many pests, including (rough) sweet potato weevils, nematodes and millipedes. Field experiments with sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) were conducted at Arapai Station in Soroti District, northeastern Uganda in three consecutive seasons to study …

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Major Insects and Nematode Pests of Sweetpotato and Recommendations for Transfer of Pest Free Germplasm

Sweetpotato, a native of tropical America, is widely cultivated in the tropical and warm temperate climates. Although in these habitats a large number of nematode and insect pests are known to be associated with this crop, a few are of major importance to its cultivation. Similarly, some of these pests …

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