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SASHA Brief 10: Cost-effectiveness of Different Irrigation Approaches for Producing Sweetpotato Vines in Net Tunnels Compared to Open Nurseries

This study was conducted under researcher-management to compare different irrigation approaches for producing sweetpotato planting material in low-cost net tunnels and open nurseries. Preliminary results show that producing vines using net tunnels with access to irrigation (drip and furrow) is more cost-effective than producing vines in open field nurseries with …

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Protecting Sweetpotato Planting Material from Viruses using Insect Proof Net Tunnels

One of the major yield-limiting factors in sweetpotato production is the lack of clean planting material owing to infection by sweet potato virus disease (SPVD). Viruses are spread by insect vectors such as whiteflies and aphids and they build up over time in the plants, reducing yields with each season. …

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Protecting Sweetpotato Planting Materials from Viruses using Insect Proof Net Tunnels

since 2009, CIP and its partners have been researching the development and use of net tunnels to increase accessibility to high quality seed in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. This guide helps in constructing and using net tunnels for quality seed production.

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Poster: Sustainable uptake of insect proof net tunnels among farmer multipliers: What do we need to consider?

Sweetpotato production in Tanzania is hampered by high virus incidences. These viruses exercise synergistic interactions leading to up to 98% yield losses. Further, this makes their control difficult. It is therefore important to equip farmers with simple and affordable technologies which they can use to manage the spread of SPVD …

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SASHA Brief: Towards improved seed system management: use of affordable net tunnels and decentralized inspection schemes

Increased sweetpotato production in sub-Saharan Africa is hampered by high incidence of virus diseases. Work is going on to test whether healthy seed production can be maintained through a combination of farmer practices and internal and external quality assurance mechanisms; and to ensure that external regulatory processes are appropriate and …

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Net tunnels to protect sweetpotato planting material from disease a guide to construct and maintain tunnels

There is high demand for clean planting materials (sweetpotato vines). Given the need for community-level vine multipliers to have better and more affordable access to quality, disease-free (“clean”) stocks of planting material, the idea of using a much smaller net tunnel with the same quality netting as a screen house …

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