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Poster: Influence of nitrogen fertilizer on yield and nutritional quality of 15 released OFSP varieties in Mozambique

Sweetpotato production experiences a huge yield gap between farmer field and researcher managed farm trials. The major reason is poor soil fertility management and nitrogen (N) depletion. This poster reports on nitrogen management in sweetpotato for Mozambique.

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Plant Productivity and Water Use Efficiency of sweetpotato-Ipomoea batatas- as Affected by Nitrogen Supply

A pot experiment was conducted in a tropical mid-elevation environment (861 m altitude) to evaluate sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) clones of different origin and breeding intensity for traits related to growth phenomena, nitrogen-use efficiency, and transpirational water-use efficiency (WUE) as affected by different levels of N fertilization. Genotypes with …

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