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Development of End-User Preferred Sweetpotato Varieties

The objective of this study was to develop end-user preferred sweetpotato varieties using a diallel mating scheme and to estimate the level of heterosis and heterobeltiosis.  using a diallel mating scheme and to estimate the level of heterosis and heterobeltiosis among F1 hybrids obtained from a diallel between low sugar sweetpotato genotypes.   Sweetpotato …

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Constraints and Breeding Priorities for Increased Sweetpotato Utilization in Ghana

Sweetpotato is used in various food preparations in place of rice, cassava, yam and plantain in Ghana. In spite of this it does not have the same importance in Ghanaian diet as other root and tuber crops. Consumer taste, preference and acceptance are critical in determining the suitability of sweetpotato cultivars to …

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