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Plant growth and yield stability of orange fleshed sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) genotypes in three agro-ecological zones of Malawi

An on-farm study was conducted to evaluate plant growth, tuber yield and stability of orange fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) genotypes in three agro-ecological zones of Malawi. The study sites were Maseya in Chikhwawa District representing low altitude areas with hot climate; Bunda in Lilongwe District representing medium altitude with warm …

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On-farm trials are an effective way to improve client-orientation of breeding programs by formalizing farmer involvement in the variety testing process. They can also be an important first step in variety dissemination, since data from on-farm trials are usually required for official varietal release, and farmers will be keen to …

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On-farm evaluation of the impact of drying and storage on the carotenoid content of orange-fleshed sweet potato (Ipomea batata Lam.)

Drying of orange‐fleshed sweet potato was evaluated under African rural conditions. Three locally built dryers (open‐air sun, tunnel and shade) were tested using Resisto and MGCL01 varieties in Mozambique. Total carotenoid losses were low in all dryers being 9.2% on average. After drying, sweet potato chips were stored in a …

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