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SPHI Brief 26: Scaling Up Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato Through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN)

Over the past 5 years, the Scaling Up Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN) program has enabled more than 1.7 million farming households with children under 5 years of age in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Bangladesh to grow and consume Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) – over 40% above the …

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SPHI Brief 25: Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato is Gradually Becoming a Commercial Crop in Western Kenya

As the Accelerated Value Chain Development (AVCD) program completes the third and final year, strong linkages have been established between private buyers, processors, traders, commercial root farmers and decentralized vine multipliers (DVMs). The linkages developed by the program over the past 3 years have accelerated OFSP marketing, giving rise to …

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