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Sweetpotato Viruses

Sweetpotato (SP) (Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam) is a dicotyledonous perennial root tuber plant belonging to Convolvulaceae family. Ipomoea is one genus among 55 Convolvulaceae genera. Most of it’s 500 species are ploidy ranging 2x to 6x with SP possessing both 4x and 6x. SP has economic significance with global production …

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Archaeological remains of potato and sweetpotato in Peru

This publication presents the discovery of archaeological remains of potato and sweetpotato in Peru. This discovery of actual tubers and roots of potato and sweetpotato originate as result of present day knowledge of the ancient distribution of these crops and their use as primary food sources by Peru’s coastal inhabitants. …

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Major Insects and Nematode Pests of Sweetpotato and Recommendations for Transfer of Pest Free Germplasm

Sweetpotato, a native of tropical America, is widely cultivated in the tropical and warm temperate climates. Although in these habitats a large number of nematode and insect pests are known to be associated with this crop, a few are of major importance to its cultivation. Similarly, some of these pests …

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Use of the environmental impact quotient to estimate impacts of pesticide usage in three Peruvian potato production areas


In Peru, potato farmers rely on fungicides to control late blight, the most important disease, and insecticides to control a variety of pests. The study aims to estimate the environmental and human health risk associated with pesticide use through the use of the environmental impact quotient (EIQ) to represent the …

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