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SPHI Brief 2015: Better Potato for a Better Life: Reducing Food Insecurity and Dependence on Cereals in Amhara Oromia, Tigray and SNNP regions of Ethiopia

This flyer outlines the work done to achieve the goal of enhanced rural incomes, food security and nutrition in four regions of Ethiopia through resilient and profitable potato and swetpotato value chains. It describes the successes of the first phase of the project (2010-2014) which led to the implementation of …

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Presentation: In the field

Jacobus Risseeuw runs a commercial sweetpotato production business called Risseeuw Boerdery in Limpopo South Africa. Based on his experience, he outlined the principles of running a successful business, and then shared his experiences and factors that influence successful sweetpotato production. This included an outline of all the stages that are …

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What is damaging my sweetpotato? A field guide for farmers on pests and diseases of sweetpotato in sub-Saharan Africa

This is a farm guide developed for the sweetpotato integrated production and pest management (IPPM) farmer field schools (FFS) to aid them towards continued experimentation with different pest and disease management options. The main content of this guide describes origin of pest and diseases, the most devastating insect pest of …

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Growing orange-fleshed sweetpotato for a healthy diet: A supplementary learners’ resource book for upper primary schools

This learning resource about orange-fleshed sweetpotato for pupils in upper primary schools (primary levels 5–7) was designed to supplement the teaching of topics in the agriculture, integrated science and related curricula. It is not a pupil’s book in the real sense, but rather an innovative invitation by the teachers for …

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