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Sweetpotato in South Asia: Post-harvest handling, Processing, Storage and Use

This publication contains workshop proceedings on analytical trends in post-harvest handling, storage, and utilization of sweetpotato (SP). SP has considerable importance at farm level, as untapped potential for food, feed and industrial uses. Achieving this potential calls for better understanding of consumer needs including production pattern, current storage, processing and utilization practices. …
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Potential of Sweetpotato in Reducing Vitamin A Deficiency in Africa

Orange-fleshed roots contained higher total carotenoid and b-carotene content than white- and cream- fleshed lines, and all trans-b-carotene predominated for more than 80%. Carotenoids from orange-fleshed sweetpotato are highly vitamin A active and their consumption in Africa where vitamin A deficiency is prevalent should be encouraged. Twelve weeks after planting, the …
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