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SPHI Brief 2012: Rooting Out Hunger in Malawi with Nutritious Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato

Malnutrition among young children remains one of the biggest challenges in Malawi. Children aged 0–23 months are the most vulnerable group with a peak incidence of mortality and morbidity. The government is committed to mitigate these risks through investing in the nutritious orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP). As outlined in this …

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SPHI Brief 2012: Tackling food insecurity and malnutrition in Ethiopia through diversification

Ethiopia is second most populated sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) country. Further, food insecurity is a major and ever worsening problem. Underlying causes include rapidly increasing population pressure, low productivity of the agricultural sector, widespread environmental degradation and recurrent droughts. Sweetpotato is ideally suited as a post-emergency rehabilitation crop in Ethiopia. Progress …

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SPHI Brief 2012: Tackling vitamin A deficiency by eating orange in Angola

Angola’s rural zone host approximately 60% of the population who mainly depend on agriculture which is still struggling due to recent devastating civil war. Vitamin A deficiency is a major public problem as there is heavy dependence on imports. The pro-vitamin a rich, orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) can simultaneously address …

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