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Presentation 17: Working with cooperatives and groups in root marketing and product development: Lessons earned

This presentation outlines the lesson learned while working with cooperatives and groups for marketing roots and product development. The take home message focuses on branding as key for success, partnership with industries key for OFSP adoption and availability in market, and research is essential to ensure success of products developed.

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Presentation 9: Scaling out potato and sweetpotato interventions in SNNPR and Tigray Ethiopia Product Development Ethiopia

This presentation documents a project set to scale out potato and sweetpotato interventions in Ethiopia. The main focus being to improved food and nutrition security among vulnerable households with young children in Tigray and SNNPR through increased production and consumption of micronutrient-rich sweetpotato and potato varieties as part of diversified …

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Presentation 8: Progress on commercialization of OFSP based products in Malawi

This presentation reports on a project progress initiated to commercialize the orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) based products in Malawi. The major impacts observed include increased incomes for farmers, formalized OFSP markets establishment, increased accessibility of VitA-rich foods and disease free OFSP vines, and increased yields and better quality roots from improved …

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Presentation 6: Use of orange-fleshed sweet potato to produce commercially viable bakery items

The suitability of incorporating the orange fleshed sweet potato puree to commercially produce Wheat based bakery products was investigated. The project was introduced to Tuskys by International Potato Centre (CIP) to expand the use of orange fleshed sweet potato and to enable consumers benefit from the health aspects and also …

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