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SPHI Brief 36: Malawian Consumers are Falling in Love with OFSP Mandazi!

A recent study conducted by the project revealed that up to 40% of orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) puree can be used in the production of mandazi with even better sensory attributes than mandazi made from 100% wheat flour. The study also demonstrated that incorporating OFSP in production of mandazi is profitable. …

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SPHI Brief 25: Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato is Gradually Becoming a Commercial Crop in Western Kenya

As the Accelerated Value Chain Development (AVCD) program completes the third and final year, strong linkages have been established between private buyers, processors, traders, commercial root farmers and decentralized vine multipliers (DVMs). The linkages developed by the program over the past 3 years have accelerated OFSP marketing, giving rise to …

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SPHI Brief 24: The Feed the Future Rwanda Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) for Income and Nutrition Activity

By the end of the third year, the project has directly reached 207,267 households with OFSP and other 144,105 households indirectly in partnership with the Government of Rwanda and other partners. Decentralized vine multipliers (DVMs) have sold vines worth US $411,529. Farmers have sold sweetpotato roots worth US $114,250. It …

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SASHA Brief 09: Rice-Sweetpotato Rotation System: Improving Rice Yields and Profitability while Providing Sweetpotato Planting Material and Food in Irrigated Rice Schemes in Northern Uganda

After three seasons, the overall results for the sweetpotato-rice rotation show that average root yields in the rotation treatment were significantly higher (average yield= 28 t ha-1) than in the control (average yield= 19.8 t ha-1). Paddy yield of rice grown after sweetpotato was also significantly higher than the control …

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