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SASHA Brief 16: Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato Puree Development & Utilization Continues to Grow

Consumers find that OFSP bread made with shelf-stable puree is just as good as bread made with fresh puree. Shelf-storable puree (Fig. 1), even for limited periods of time, is expected to attract many more small- and medium-size bakeries and home cooks into using OFSP puree.

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SASHA Brief 11: Storage using evaporative cooling

As the consumption of delicious golden bread made with vitamin A rich orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) purée grows across Kenya, so too does the demand for an all-year-round supply of the fresh sweetpotato roots. A constant supply of OFSP roots can be achieved through a combination of staggered planting and production, …

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SASHA Brief 12: Affordable Shelf-Storable Puree

We have succeeded in developing vacuum packed orange-fleshed sweetpotato puree using locally available safe preservatives that can store for three months at temperatures below 25 degrees celsius. With adjustments to the recipe, high quality OFSP bread can be made. Storable puree can assure year-round availability of OFSP puree to bakers.

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SASHA Brief 13: Engaging Bakers to Utilize OFSP Puree for Bakery Applications in SSA

In 2017 a major supermarket expressed major interest in the commercialization of OFSP puree bread. In response, a training with 25 bakers from the supermarket chain was conducted followed by a successful two week promotional launch of OFSP puree bread in ten of its stores in the greater Nairobi. OFSP …

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Bakers from Naivas Supermarkets trained on how to use orange-fleshed sweetpotato puree in bakery applications

Bakers' training held at Naivas Supermarket in Kitengela (Photo: Christine Bukania/CIP-SSA

On 29-30 April 2017, 24 bakers from Naivas stores in greater Nairobi were trained on using orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) puree for bakery applications. The training, held in the Naivas Kitengela branch, was organized by Tawanda Muzhingi, a food scientist at the International Potato Center (CIP), and Antonio Magnaghi a product …

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From lab to life: Making storable orange-fleshed sweetpotato purée a commercial reality

Research in Rwanda demonstrated that orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) purée (steamed, mashed roots) was an economically viable, vitamin A enhancing ingredient in baked products when the purée was produced and used in the same bakery. Having a storable, packaged OFSP purée produced by a firm to supply bakers is an alternative …

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