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Presentation 20: Stability of β-carotene during baking of orange-fleshed sweet potato-wheat composite bread and estimated contribution to vitamin A requirements

Orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) is known to be a rich source of β-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A and a potential tool for fighting vitamin A deficiency (VAD) in developing countries.  OFSP flour was incorporated into wheat flour at 10, 20 and 30% (w/w) substitution levels. The stability of β-carotene …
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Poster: Sand storage – an innovation to extend the shelf-life of fresh sweetpotato for home consumption and market sales finding from Ghana and Malawi

African farmers have developed a range of practices in an effort to store sweetpotato roots and extend shelf-life. These include storage in soil, grass or ash, storage in pits, leaving roots in the ground and harvesting piecemeal as required, or processed into sun-dried chips. β-carotene, an important source of dietary vitamin …
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Presentation 12: Stability of β-Carotene in vacuum packed Orange-flesh sweetpotato puree treated with preservatives

Back ground Processing orange fresh sweet potato (OFSP) into puree that can be subsequently incorporated in various food products such as bakery, baby foods offers convenience and add value to the crop. To expand use of OFSP puree in sub-Saharan Africa, a non-expensive storage method that preserve β-Carotene and offer …
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