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Presentation 7: Long term storage of sweetpotato roots to reduce puree supply chain risks

Agri-food supply chains, such as that of the nascent orange-fleshed sweetpotato puree used by a Kenyan supermarket chain for producing bread rich in vitamin A for the rapidly urbanising and nutritionally aware population, face a wide range of risks. Puree processors are affected by the pronounced seasonality of sweetpotato production …

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Poster: Sand storage – an innovation to extend the shelf-life of fresh sweetpotato for home consumption and market sales finding from Ghana and Malawi

African farmers have developed a range of practices in an effort to store sweetpotato roots and extend shelf-life. These include storage in soil, grass or ash, storage in pits, leaving roots in the ground and harvesting piecemeal as required, or processed into sun-dried chips. β-carotene, an important source of dietary vitamin …

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Sweetpotato cultivars with improved keeping qualities for East Africa

This is the final technical report of a project, whose objective was to facilitate development of sweetpotato cultivars with improved post-harvest qualities, especially improved shelf-life and storability, thus improving food security and income generation through better marketing and storage. 

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Extending root shelf-life during marketing by cultivar selection

  This chapter discuss methods and factors to consider to prolong root shelf-life during marketing. The first observation is that different sweetpotato cultivars have varied susceptibility to water loss which dictates the differences in shelf-life. Among main forms of sweetpotato deterioration are water loss and rotting. Water loss is consistent …

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Maximising incomes from sweet potato production as a contribution to rural livelihoods

    This publication contains final project report on crop postharvest procedures in Tanzania. Crop perishability and problems with in-ground storage, fronts crops as seasonal and with consequent peaks and troughs in prices. Therefore appropriate form of on-farm fresh-root storage can enable farmers to market their produce at times outside …

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Improving long-term storage under tropical conditions: role of cultivar selection

  This is a book chapter demonstrating study on appropriate methods for long term storage in tropical conditions using different cultivars. From studies conducted, different cultivars show significant susceptibility to pathogens responsible for rotting. Induction of anti-fungal chemicals and differences in respiration rate are cited as contributors to speedy deterioration …

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The extension of storage life and improvement of quality in fresh sweetpotato through selection of appropriate cultivars and handling conditions

This technical report summarizes a project aimed to improve sweetpotato storage techniques or strategies for fresh and processed products in Tanzania. As improving handling techniques and /or using cultivars with better keeping qualities could extend shelf life. A brief of this project background is that; root and tuber crops contribute …

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Sweetpotato in South Asia: Post-harvest handling, Processing, Storage and Use

This publication contains workshop proceedings on analytical trends in post-harvest handling, storage, and utilization of sweetpotato (SP). SP has considerable importance at farm level, as untapped potential for food, feed and industrial uses. Achieving this potential calls for better understanding of consumer needs including production pattern, current storage, processing and utilization practices. …

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